Creating the real estate specifically for the end users while providing the end user lease or purchase options. Corporate America has largely had the luxury of getting the real estate needed by having it built and owned by built and owned by investors and developers. This option can optimizes the business’ real estate that they need and desire without the end user bearing the financial burden of ownership or the headache of playing the role of developer. While we work with publicly traded companies on build to suit development through our development partnerships, we bring this option more widely to private businesses — to provide them similar advantages and options more commonly found provided to larger, public companies.


We are dedicated to the total Client Experience. We provide our clients with over 50+ years combined experience that are solutions tailored to optimize their specific goals. Our corporate strategy is simple: Client First.


We have a specialized team of data and research analyst dedicated to analyzing property markets from a macro perspective considering trends and forecasts for economic indicators including GDP, employment, demographics, and points of interest. From a micro level, we drill down to the strengths and risks associated with the property, focusing on location, lease structure, investment potential, and overall highest and best use analysis (HBU).


We have an in-depth marketing plan that helps elevate and differentiate us from other companies. Our marketing includes: offering memorandum/package and plan, professional photography/videography, premium digital and search optimization, advertising, direct marketing, in-bound search/property inventory requests, accountability, and technology driven process for pursuit/follow through.


Though the various avenues of our services once can achieve a multitude of results: Lump sum cash, frees capital, liquidity, no debt, operating lease payments, seller’s market, flexibility, diversification, and freedom.